Preventing Disease In Your Garden Pond

healthy pond water
feed fish only what can be consumed in 2 minutes

The likelihood of a disease outbreak occurring in your pond can be reduced significantly by providing good pond conditions.

Follow these 6 simple rules for a healthy pond

1. Monitor water quality regularly

Using simple to use and accurate test kits check that the water quality is suitable for your fish. Ensure your pH is in the recommended safe area between pH 7.0 and pH 8.0 using a pH adjuster if necessary.

2. Pond filtration

Use a filtration system appropriate to the needs of your fish. Ideally add your filtration at the time of pond installation.

3. Don’t crowd your pond

Ensure the pond is not overcrowded with fish. Too many fish causes poor water quality, which leads to outbreaks of disease.

4. Partial water changes

Carry out regular partial water changes to maintain water quality.

5. Don’t over-feed fish

Feed your fish a healthy diet and don’t over-feed them. Give them only an amount that they can consume in about 2 minutes.

6. Aerate water

Keep the water adequately aerated to prevent disease. Warm summer water won’t hold as much oxygen as cold winter water.

Note: Thundery weather will reduce oxygen even further. Add an air pump if necessary.