Pond maintenance

pond careThe pleasure that your Koi pond will bring you far outweighs the time spent on maintenance. You can make this an easy task by following a few guidelines.

The 4 things that you need to be aware of are cleaning, prevention, maintenance and repair.

1. Pond cleaning

The planning for, and design of your Koi pond will play a big factor in how much daily cleaning your water feature requires.

Keeping it away from trees and shrubs will make the job much easy. If that wasn’t possible, then you’ll need to allocate a few minutes of your time each day to skim out any debris from the trees. Air borne debris will need to be cleaned out daily.

2. Prevention

By following a quick daily cleaning routine pond you’ll prevent a lot of problems.

Debris that’s left can contaminate the water of your pond make it unhealthy for your Koi. Your filtration and circulation systems can be compromised by the buildup of debris. During cleaning you need to be watchful of anything that may be going wrong so you can attend to it quickly.

3. Pond maintenance

The water quality is one area of your water garden that’s going to need regular attention. You’ll need to check the condition of the water. There are Koi pond water testing kits available for this.

Depending on the readings the kit gives you then you make some adjustments to the water using the right water chemicals.

There are several reasons that your pond water becomes unbalanced.

  • Just evaporation alone can cause this
  • When it rains it changes the water chemistry
  • The waste produced by the Koi fish themselves plays a role in the water chemistry. This is one of the reasons you don’t want to overfeed koi.

The temperature of the water must be monitored and kept consistent. Fortunately these pond fish are hardy when it comes to colder weather compared to other types.

Part of your maintenance means you need to change the water of your pond occasionally. Advice will differ as to how often this needs to be done.

It depends on how much water is contained in it. Usually the smaller the pond the less often the water will need changing, but it will still need water added to it. Generally depending on the water volume a percentage of the water is slowly drained off while new water is being added. Knowing what constitutes clean healthy water for your fish will help determine if something is not right with the water and it’s demanding some extra attention.

Regular, smaller water exchanges are preferable to exchanging larger volumes of water. A change in water temperature of the entire pond is stressful for fish.

Poor water quality will cause your fish to become sick. If this is the case the frequency of partial changes will need to increase for a short time and the water exchange increased to 20-25% .

Maintaining your Koi pond equipment

Hopefully you have purchased good Koi pond equipment which will mean you have a lot less pond maintenance to perform and far fewer problems. Your equipment includes your filtration system, water pump, possibly a heating system, and some type of sterilizer. Each of these plays a very important role in maintaining your Koi pond. Follow the maintenance instructions that come with each of these pieces of equipment.

4. Repairs

When you are carrying out your Koi pond maintenance you may discover that something is in need of repair or further attention. You’ll need to ensure that you change filters as needed. Watch for any leaks or malfunction in your equipment. For example, if your water doesn’t seem to be circulating properly check to see that the pump is in good working order. Tending to the necessary repairs immediately will ensure that you don’t end up with much more work and expense, or the risk of losing your fish.

The best approach to pond maintenance is to set yourself up a routine so that it becomes a habit. Make sure you have enough Koi pond supplies on hand for your maintenance requirements.

Your maintenance routine will different somewhat for the different seasons.

Maintaining your Koi in the winter months has different demands than the other seasons.