DIY Fish Pond

If you want to discover the true contentment that comes from having your own garden pond then you’ll want to ensure that you build the best possible pond, in the best location to provide an ideal environment for your aquatic plants and fish. An environment where your fish and plants will not only grow but truly thrive.

Recently, I released a new digital book called “How To Build Your Own Fish Pond” that reveals all the strategies you need to design and build your own fish pond and stock it with fish. This book grew out of my own desire to create a beautiful water garden plus it answers all the questions I was asked by people just like you when they knew I was writing this book.

Imagine being able to relax by your own pond … perhaps listening to the gentle sound of a waterfall or garden fountain … displaying your goldfish or koi to your admiring friends … and adding value to your property and your lifestyle.

It’s not difficult! This is a simple, straightforward and richly illustrated guide that you can use right now to create your own pond … no matter whether it’s a fish pond, a frog pond, a lily pond or a gentle water feature.

“At Last! All the information you need to BUILD YOUR OWN FISH POND  has been assembled into one book!”

Here are just some of the things you’ll discover …

  • Designing your pond. Consider what type of aquatic life you want in the pond – this will determine the depth. Gain an understanding of a pond ecosystem before your start digging!
  • Where to locate your pond.  This could be close to your house so you can enjoy sound of a waterfall or it may be at the end of a winding garden path.
  • Where NOT to locate your pond. Tip: don’t build it in the lowest part of your garden as it is likely to flood during heavy rain!
  • How to choose a pond liner Our useful calculator will help you determine your pond liner size.
  • Building your pond You’ll learn the step-by-step process – with illustrations – from digging, to installing the liner to filling the pond and adding plants.
  • Filtration. Discover the difference between mechanical and biological filtration. This section includes complete instructions – with illustrations – for setting up a biological (vegi) filter.
  • Cleaning the filter. This is where you’ll discover the benefits of a bio-filter!
  • Pumps and plumbing.  How to choose the correctly sized pump for your pond and how to set it up.
  • How to build a waterfall. A waterfall can become the focal point of any water garden and building one is easier than you think.
  • Waterfall design. Avoid the most common mistake … a waterfall should be built in proportion to the pond! This section is well illustrated to help you choose your design.
  • Algae control. How to deal with algae and achieve the correct biological balance.
  • Avoiding ammonia problems. Sometimes ammonia becomes a problem in new ponds before the biofilter has become established.
  • Chlorine and Chloramine. If you have fish in your pond you will need to use a dechlorinator chemical if you fill your pond from a water supply containing chlorine.
  • Nitrates and nitritesDiscover the difference and find out if they are harmful to your pond or fish.

And that’s just a taste of what is covered.  Here’s what else you’ll discover …

  • Adding plants to your pondWe’ll show you the difference between marginals, deep-water, floaters and oxygenators, and you’ll discover how and where to plant them.
  • Storm warnings for pondsA well designed and built pond will survive a big storm and a long power outage. A pond overstocked with fish will deteriorate quickly during a prolonged power outage.
  • Seasonal pond care. Step-by-step instructions to maintain your pond in peak condition through the seasons.
  • De-icers. We explain how they work and help you decide if you need one.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg … just a fraction of the information on offer. Here’s more…

  • Introducing fish to your pondHow many fish can you put in your new pond?
  • Adding new fish to an existing pond populationand what to look for when purchasing new fish.
  • Which fish to choose for your pondGoldfish are extremely hardy and are often a good first choice for the new pond or water gardener.
  • Types of goldfishWe list most of the common varieties and include many pictures.
  • Caring for your goldfishHow to take care of your goldfish – from babies to adults.
  • Goldfish healthHow to keep your fish healthy and in peak condition.
  • Goldfish diseasesWhat to do when your fish are sick.
  • Goldfish anatomyApart from exaggerated characteristics bred into the more fancy varieties, goldfish conform to the anatomical structure found in other fish.

Read what others have to say about “How To Build Your Own Fish Pond”.

“I was delighted to read such a well prepared book on ponds and water gardens. The book touches on all aspects of pond and water garden construction with excellent instructions and illustrations to help the beginner and to increase the knowledge of those already with a pond.

The section on introducing fish to the pond plus the ongoing care of the fish will be a valuable addition to the knowledge of any hobbyist. This book will help all water gardeners get more enjoyment from their pond and add confidence to their fish-keeping.”

Chris Miley
Water Gardens

“I’d lost several fish from my pond over a short period without being able to identify the cause. Your book has proved to be an invaluable resource and it helped me to identify the cause of disease in my fish. After following the treatment advice you recommended the ecological balance in my pond has been restored and my fish are all healthy”

Julie Bennett

“A great book that has answered so many questions I had about building my own pond. I now have a wonderful pond in my garden that includes a waterfall and is stocked with goldfish. It’s bringing a great deal of pleasure to me and my family. Your book is easy to read and has so much information on constructing your own pond that I believe anyone can do it if they follow your instructions. The well-illustrated section on filtration was especially helpful.

By the way, you were right – downloading your e-book was easy!”

Sigrid Gangsoy
Interior Designer

Build your own fish pond or water garden Now!

If you want to build your own pond and understand the secrets to water gardening success … if you want to know how to add a waterfall to your pond … if you want to add fish to an established pond but you’re not sure how to acclimatize them … or how to identify a disease in your fish then this is one book YOU MUST have. And if you’re looking for a way to add value to your home there is no better way than by adding a water feature!

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Fellow Pond Enthusiast

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