About Us

This site was born from the challenges I faced when setting out to create my own fish pond. It necessitated a good deal of research… and the project took much longer than I anticipated. But the result was definitely work it. Over the years our ponds have given my family and I countless hours of pleasure. We love the feeling that a fish pond adds to our home.

I have to say though, my first effort at creating a pond was satisfying but it did teach me a lot of lessons and showed us areas that we were keen to correct in our next home. I was keen to do better the next time around and armed with lots of experience, having made plenty of mistakes and oodles more research we undertook another project determined to learn by our mistakes.

We’ve pulled together our information to use on this website to guide you in planning your water garden, fish pond or water feature and help make the best decisions for planning, construction and fish care.

We’ve sourced lots more quality information from experts around the world covering building, pond filters, algae control, plants, biological filters, waterfalls, fish diseases and in fact everything you need from planning to maintenance of your pond in our ebook. I encourage you to check this out as I’ve no doubt it will really help get the result you’re after.

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