Introducing Fish To Your Garden Pond

fish for ponds
introduce 1 goldfish into the pond for a week before adding another fish

Now you’ve finished your pond installation and happy with the design it’s time to think about introducing fish to your pond.

Follow these steps to introduce fish safely to your garden pond

Step 1

  • Once you’ve transported your fish home safely, float the still-sealed bag on the pond.
  • If the pond is in the sun it’s best to cover the bag while it’s floating to keep the bag cool.

Tip: The fish will be less stressed in a darker environment

Step 2

  • Float the bag for 20–30 minutes to allow the water in the bag to adjust to the temperature of the water in the pond
  • Open the bag and let in some pond water. About half as much as was already in the bag. Re-tie the top and allow to float for another 20 minutes

Reason: This allows the fish to get used to the water chemistry of the pond.

Step 3

  • Untie the bag and open it
  • Allow your fish to find their own way out of the bag and into the pond
  • If they’re reluctant to leave the bag you may need to gently tip them out. (Make sure that no little fish are stuck in the corners of the bag.)

Note: The fish will hide for a day or two which is quite natural in their new environment and there’s no need to feed them, yet.

After the fish come out of hiding you can begin feeding them once a day.


  • don’t forget to monitor the PH levels in the pond
  • introduce one goldfish into the pond for a week before you add another goldfish until you get as many as you want
  • don’t add 3 or 4 at a time

Now, relax and enjoy your garden pond. If you need additional information on building, filtration or maintaining your pond we recommend our e-book How To Build Your Own Fish Pond that’s available for immediate download.