Garden Pond Design For The Homeowner

water depth for koi
depth should be a minimum of 3 feet deep if you want a koi pond

It’s possible to create and build a stunning garden pond by following just a few simple guidelines.

A water feature can be a simple above-ground pond or a more sophisticated semi-inground pond stacked with fish and plants. The addition of fish and other wildlife adds to the vibrancy and attractiveness of your garden.

Before you start on your design

You need to decide if you want an above ground pond or to dig a hole for a deeper garden pond.

In most cases people who want to have a natural looking pond dig several feet into the ground. This type of natural pond is usually informal in design and has no walls to contain the water. Formal water pond designs are often constructed above the ground or at least partially above the ground, and will have rigid sides.

  • If you choose an above ground pond be prepared to make it a minimum of 2 feet deep if you want to add fish.
  • For a koi pond you’ll need a minimum depth of 3 feet. Shallow water tends to heat up quickly during summer and is detrimental to the health of your fish. It’s quite possible to design a pond with, say, 2 feet high walls but also dig several feet below ground to have a deeper pond.

Choosing the location for your pond

A shady area with some dappled sunlight is recommended. Although if you have no choice in the matter, there are ways of dealing with too much sun or too much shade.

Some people are tempted to install a pond in the lowest point in the garden where it will fill naturally with rain run-off. I don’t recommend this as a good location because run off from rainwater or watering the garden contains pesticides and other contaminants which will contaminate your pond water. This leads to algal blooms and will kill your fish and aquatic plants.

Use a hose to work out your design

Try designing the shape of the pond with a garden hose or something similar. Leave the hose there for a while, move it around a little, think about where you might want to place a waterfall and where you’d locate plants.

A garden pond is a beautiful addition to your home. The sound of the water is soothing and if you can design your garden pond close to the house you’ll be able to enjoy the sights and sounds from inside too.

And the very act of making something on your own can fuel your creative desire and gives enormous satisfaction.