Pond Ideas

waterfallsInground or above-ground pond? When starting to plan your pond project if can be difficult to know where to start. Even to be able to picture your completed project in your mind can be difficult, or to be sure what you have planned will work.

I’ve included this video in the link below because it’s helpful to give you a guide of how both inground and above ground pools can work in the space you have available in your front or backyard.

It’s well worth the time to check this out as you’ll see some really good pond design ideas which you might be able to apply to your situation.

Waterfalls and Spills

The advantages

By keeping the surface of the water moving, you’re

  • keeping the pond water healthy
  • adding oxygen to the water and
  • discouraging mosquitoes and insects from breeding

Waterfalls and spills add atmosphere, soothing sound, and aeration to the pond.

Waterfalls are also featured so you can see some ideas of how they can be incorporated in designs with amazing effect.

Landscaping ideas

You’ll also find ideas for hiding the necessary equipment .. filters and pumps, and some good landscaping ideas.

Well worth watching!

Video is sourced from Living Water Solutions
Pond Design Consultants and Filtration Specialists