How To Make A Garden Pond

building a garden pond
Tip: Plan ahead for installing electric lines or drains

Once you’ve decided you want to create a pond in the garden, there are choices to make on the basic construction of the pond.

  • There are ‘make-a-pond kits’ available that include everything. All you need to do is dig a hole and you’ll have a pond in a matter of hours, depending on the size. Pond kits for larger sizes are also available. These may require the use of heavy construction equipment.
  • You can also dig your own hole to make a larger pond or hire a contractor with experience in pond building and let them do all the work.

Planning for your pond includes consideration

  • for the design and placement.
    • Remember that any overhanging trees, even evergreens, are going to drop leaves or needles into the water. These will need to be cleared out frequently to protect the ecology of the pond and limit the amount of algal growth.
  • for the installation of any powered equipment in the water. Steps to provide power and to help secure the equipment once installed should be part of the garden ponds’ design.

A small garden pond can measure just 3 or 4 feet in diameter with the hole lined with a pond liner or as elaborate as having a surface area of several hundred square feet.

The size you choose will depend

  • on the size of the space your have to work with
  • how much space you are willing to devote to the pond
  • on your budget for building and maintaining the pond

Finding ideas for garden pond designs

Finding out how to make a pond can be exciting, but deciding on what it should look like can take time and some homework. There are lots of books and magazines that offer design ideas for making a pond and if you’re going to hire a contractor with experience in pond construction, they will undoubtedly have several design possibilities that you can choose from.

Perhaps you have visited areas that had ponds installed. If you liked the way they looked you can make a sketch to hand to the contractor as a starting point.

If you decide that building a pond is something you can do on your own you may still want to do some research on the proper installation of waterfalls, fountains and aeration techniques. It’s important to make sure that the installation is done correctly.

Tip: Plan ahead for installing electric lines or drains. 

Installing them during the construction phase of building a pond rather than putting in after the pond has been filled with water will make the project run smoother and be less costly.