Top Tips for Building a Pond

build a pond
tip:build pond as large as you can – it will look smaller when completed and filled with water

If you’re thinking about incorporating a water feature into your garden design, there are a handful of choices to help you in building a pond.

There are kits available which include everything you need. Almost all you have to do will be to dig a hole and, depending on size, you can have a fish pond installed in just several hours.

There are also pond kits available for even larger locations that require the use of heavy building gear. If you have the time, as well as the equipment, you’re able to dig your own hole to set up a bigger pond or retain the services of a contractor with experience in constructing a pond and allow them to carry out all the work.

1.  Position

  • It’s important to be aware that virtually all overhanging trees, including evergreens, will drop leaves or needles into the water. These leaves and debris must be removed often to limit algal growth and also preserve the ecology of the pond.
  • If you want to add a fountain or waterfall to your pond you’ll need to have access to an electric power supply close to the pond.
  • Fish ponds can be as small as a couple of feet in diameter and lined simply with durable vinyl sheeting or pond liner.
  • They may also be created completely above ground from bricks or blocks. In this case the interior of the pond is usually painted with a rubberized waterproof solution.

The type and size of pond you ultimately choose is determined by the size of your garden, the amount of room you are able to commit to the pond and the amount of money that you’re prepared to commit.

2. Plan in advance for the installation of electrical power and an overflow drain

  • It will be easier to add them through the building construction phase rather than needing to integrate them when the pond is filled with water.

3. Make your pond as big as you can

  • Ponds will frequently appear smaller than you imagined when finished and filled with water.

4. Finding creative ideas for your pond project

Building a pond can be fun, but reaching a decision on exactly what it should look like may take time and some research. There are many magazines and books that offer style and design suggestions for building a pond and if you’re planning to hire a building contractor with experience in pond construction, they should certainly have lots of design options from which to choose.

If you’ve come across a pond that you like you can take a photo to show to the building contractor. Alternatively try sketching the design on your own.

If you consider that building a pond is actually a job that can be done on your own you may still want to do some homework on the appropriate installation of waterfalls, fountains as well as aeration techniques to ensure they’re installed correctly.