Build A Bird Pond

Build a bird pond and attract a multitude of birds to your garden.

While some may consider them nothing more than an over-sized, in-ground bird bath, an outdoor bird pond has many benefits. You’ll enjoy the sights and benefits of attracting many different species of  flying creatures to the backyard.

While there are some downsides to inviting birds into the yard, there are more benefits than just their beauty and antics that makes you appreciate having them round.

The disadvantages

  • A negatives of installing a bird pond is that birds are going to do what they all do on a regular basis. Their droppings around the edge of the pond may not be inviting, as well as the feathers and other waste they leave in and on the water.
  • There are also some precautions that need to be taken, especially if there are children nearby. Children will have a natural curiosity and be attracted to the bird pond for a closer glimpse of the bathers. The water should be deep enough to accommodate the birds, but not so deep as to invite the children to join them in a bath.

Overcoming the disadvantages

A filter system and waterfall will help to keep the pond healthy.

A good filtering system in a bird pond can help keep it clean and reduce any malodorous emanations from wafting up from the water.

One of the items that could be considered a necessity when installing a bird pond is a small fountain or some other means of keeping the water moving. You can use 2 and 3 tier waterfalls to keep the water moving, helping to keep it clean and prevent stagnation of the water. Water in a bird pond that doesn’t move tends to turn all types of nasty colors, usually accompanied by a nasty odor and bacteria.

Safety first

Still water not only invites the birds, it can also be a breeding ground for countless species of flying insects. Possibly the worst being mosquitoes. In most instances a fountain or working filter will prevent these insects from laying their eggs in the bird pond.

If there are any areas of the pond that don’t benefit from the fountain, products to prevent the mosquitoes from laying their eggs will need to be used. Some diseases are carried by these insects that can be deadly to humans and animals and it’s best to stop the spread by eliminating any still water in the yard.