Garden Pond Design For The Beginner

small formal fish pond

Are you interested in adding the tranquility of a fish pond to your garden?

You need to start with a sound garden pond design.

Basic list you need to consider when you’re looking for pond ideas include:

  1. Do you want aquatic plants
  2. An above-ground pond or a pond that’s dug into the ground
  3. The shape of the pond
  4. The location of the pond in relation to the house and the rest of the garden
  5. Will the pond be stocked with goldfish or koi? This dictates the size of pond you need to build
  6. A formal or informal pond?

I’ve built a raised garden pond and stocked it with goldfish, water lilies and other aquatic plants. Before I started building I searched the internet for garden pond designs and pond installation information and I found one of the best resources available was the How To Build Your Own Fish Pond ebook.

This instantly downloadable e-book covers all aspects of pond design, pond installation, pond filtration, introducing fish to your pond, maintaining a healthy pond and more. I am very happy to recommend this e-book to my readers.